All-Day Vacuum Penis Stretcher


  • Maximum of 30 cm extension simply by twisting the rods.
  • For penis heads up to 15 cm circumference or 5 cm diameter.
  • Applies up to 11kg traction tensile strength.
  • Please allow 7 to 15 days delivery.
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At Last! Penis Enlargement That Actually Works.

If you’re wondering how to make your penis bigger you’re in the right place.

This new and improved penis traction device is so comfortable you can wear it all day.

It attaches to your penis glans using a vacuum rather than a noose type of attachment, so it’s not going to cut off your circulation, in fact it will improve circulation during wear for most men.

Scientific studies have shown that consistent use will lead to greater length and girth for men of all ages, even older guys can see results within just a few days use.

This is how to make your penis bigger naturally.

Start with the arms in their shortest position. If you spin the rods clockwise holding the threaded metal part at the same time the arms will shorten. If you spin the rods to anticlockwise they will extend. Always try to keep both arms the same length for equal tension.

Lubricate the penis head using a water based lubricant, and then remove the metal plug from the top of the glans unit. Use the supplied tube to gently draw your lubricated penis head into the glans unit, then pull down your foreskin to ensure it is not within the glans unit, gently draw out the air in the glans unit so that your penis head nearly fills the glans unit.

Once you have a comfortable level of vacuum that will keep your penis head in without being uncomfortable you can pinch the tube attached to the glans unit, take out the longer tube, and then plug the glans unit using the metal plug included. This will keep the vacuum level consistent, but if needed you can again pinch the tube, take out the metal plug, and then use the longer tube to increase the vacuum level during a stretching session.

The glans unit can then be attached to the black part of the traction device using gentle pressure, the notch should be facing upwards. It is best to be worn under loose shorts, and can be worn whilst sitting, standing, and walking without your penis slipping out, making it a penis enlargement device that is suitable for all day use.

When your penis becomes comfortable with the current level of traction you can rotate the rods anticlockwise to increase the traction. Always keep the traction consistent on the right and left rods, and hold the threaded metal part at the bottom to prevent it from turning at the same time.

If you experience any discomfort you should stop use by unclipping the glans unit from the black plastic end part of the traction device, then release the air by removing the metal plug and slowly withdrawing your penis from the unit. It is a good idea to splash with some cool water afterwards, and allow an hour or two for blood circulation to return to normal before having intercourse.

It is very easy to take off, and then put on again whenever you need to use the toilet.

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Basic Kit, Replacement Head Part, 5 x Replacement Cuffs, Leg Belt Add-On


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